Help For Renters

The Texas Department of Insurance offers tips to renters who lost personal items due to winter storm damage.

Your landlord is responsible for most structural repairs, such as damage to floors and walls from a burst pipe.

If you have renters insurance, many policies will pay for damage to your belongings caused by a frozen pipe that burst, but there may be limits. Take pictures of damage and talk to your insurance company before you throw away damaged items.

Some renters policies include additional living expenses if you have to move temporarily while repairs are made. If you have this coverage, you’ll need hotel and food receipts to file a claim.

Some renters policies cover food spoilage up to $500, and often there’s no deductible. Take pictures and keep a list of spoiled food.

If you’re a dependent, your parents’ homeowners policy may cover your items even if you don’t live at home. It’s usually limited to 10% of the personal property coverage of the homeowner policy.

If you don’t have renters insurance, you can apply for federal aid to cover your losses at