“Mexican Roots” at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


May 4
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Discover the rich tapestry of Mexican art at the newest exhibit to come to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History: “Mexican Roots.” The museum invites you to celebrate the vibrant world of masks and relief prints that capture the essence of Mexican history, people, culture, and religion. Opening Saturday, May 4th, this engaging showcase delves into the common threads that weave through the diverse landscape of traditional Mexican artwork, making it an experience for all ages.

For over 150 years, Mexican printmaking and popular art have intertwined, influencing each other and sharing audiences. Masks have been an integral part of Latin American traditions, with rituals, dances, and festivals featuring prominently. This tradition has deep roots dating back to pre-Columbian times. While mask-centric festivals persist in Europe, the prevalence of masks in Latin America is predominantly tied to indigenous cultural traditions. The fusion of Indigenous and European Christian themes has played a significant role, shaping the cultural landscape of Latin America with a mix of traditions evident in dances and ceremonies across the region. Today, the themes of masks, indigenous history, and traditional life remain as potent as ever in Mexican print work, establishing an unmistakable connection between these diverse artistic mediums.


Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
1600 Gendy Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107
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